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Name Puzzles

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Puzzle, a simple word with so much meaning behind it. Puzzles can be anything from 1,000 piece beautiful images to 5 pieces one line name. These particular puzzles are customized to fit your name and story! You share with us a name you'd like the puzzle to be and if you would like to add in some defining characteristics or images on the letters. You decide which you'd like from our designs and we are happy to create it for you.

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"And suddenly it all made sense." -Becca Lee

Fun Name Facts: In 2012, the most popular girl's names in the UK were Amelia, Olivia, and Jessica.


--Product Features--

  • 8" x 11" x 0.25" - Base Puzzle Size

  • 6" x ~15 X 0.25" - Each letter is ~4.5" x 3", the full width of the puzzle depends on the length of the name

--For Personalizing--

Please provide us details for personalization. At check out, in the "Notes" section, write in each aspect exactly the way you would have it displayed. THANK YOU!

  • Name of Recipient - First, Middle and/or Last as desired. Add a nickname if you prefer!

  • Special Date(s) for Recipient - Make sure to list the day, month and year for respective product placement. Date examples: Sept 1st, September 1st, 2018 or 09/01/18

Product Variations - additional service charges apply automatically when selected

  • Personalized Message - Make this product a favored memorabilia. Write a message from your heart (or your gut!), limit of 5 phrases/sentences or 7 characteristics. We will engrave the personal message on the back of the product.

  • Choose your Font (personal message only) - If you have a font you LOVE, let us know what it is. If not, we will use the original fonts on our display product.

  • Adding Image to your Product - Choose an image. If you prefer words, we do that too. We turn your image or words into the perfect puzzle. Add at check out or through e-mail messaging.

  • Finishing Touches - Finish your products look after a final sanding and cleaning with three layers of one of these stains. Neutral, Honey or Ebony Stains, White Paint, or Wood Butter. Made of only Mineral Oil and Beeswax, the wood butter creates a perfect conditioned finish and no harm in consumption. This is a great finish for our Kitchen Tools.


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