Memories are what Jai Engravings is all about. We hope to share memories EVERY Single Day, in EVERY Single Way.

Hello!! and Welcome to JAI ENGRAVINGS. Our namesake and origins:

The icon we use for Jai is a Blue Jay feather. Blue Jays are our favorite bird. They are natural forest dwellers. In animal symbolism, the Blue Jay resonates truth, faithfulness, and solidarity because they are vigilant in their tasks. They also keep the same mate for life, which is symbolic of endurance, patience, and loyalty. It is widely accepted that Blue Jays are symbols of cheerfulness, hearth and home, new births, and the renewal of springtime among many other attributes.

The spelling of Jai, however, comes from the life of Jaimen Brady. A young man who was also a natural forest dweller. Jai was full of compassion and cheerfulness. He shared happiness everywhere he went among friends or strangers. within the natural solidarity of nature, he'd find his escape. Truly, Jai lived and breathed nature as he would run barefoot down the dusty mountain trails. These are the memories we will share of Jai, as he has left his mortal body here but even in his short life he lives…

* Ài for the Chinese simple of love 

About Us

Carson Corbett

Carson is Owner and Engineer with Jai Engravings

E-mail Address: Carson@jaiengravings.com
Phone Number: 520.428.3980
Office Location: Utah Valley, Utah

Favorite Piece: Business Cards and Key Chain Greeting Cards (Graduation Announcements). It’s so fun to hand out our business cards and see the reactions we get.  No one ever just shrugs and walks away.  I also love the Keychain Greeting Cards because it was the first real fun and new card I designed myself for my own graduation.  I enjoyed sending them to my family and friends and allowing them to have something that they could keep.

Favorite Place to Travel: Anywhere I haven't been yet. I enjoy being outdoors in the rain or sun.  I absolutely loved Hawaii, it felt like no matter where you turned nature was only a few feet away…and the beach.


LeishaAnne Corbett

LeishaAnne is Owner and Designer with Jai Engravings

E-mail Address: Lei@jaiengravings.com
Phone Number: 520.428.3980
Office Location: Utah Valley, Utah

Favorite Piece: Our name and Quote Boards. I adore how individualized and personal they become. From a simple wood plank to a beautiful piece of art. I hope everyone, someday, has their own personalized something in their home. Overall, something that says, “This is us” and shares their unique story.

Favorite Place to Travel: Definitely Hawaii. Out of the eight countries and 42 states of the US that I have traveled, Hawaii has been my favorite place thus far. There is so much rich history. A loveable culture. How much more can one say of the ocean breezes and humidity? Oh, the opportunity to explore. A lot of free space and I must add, beautiful sunrises.

Here at Jai Engravings, we have a love for nature and a desire to bring nature back into our everyday surroundings. Appreciate that everything has its place in the circle of life. We customize pieces to bring natures warmth into your home decor, business proposals, outdoor games and activities and simple memories shared.