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Activity Sticks

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--Activity Jar Product Features--

  • ~40 activities
  • Choose from any of the following:
    • Chore - organized by color for each room
    • Date Night - three groupings: free, less expensive, expensive
    • Family Home Evening 1 & 2 - a random selection of scriptures, talks, games, and thoughts
    • Journaling Questions
    • Mad Lip
    • Selection of Hymns
    • Selection of Primary Songs
    • Family Sabbath Day Activities
    • The Ultimate Popsicle Jar - activities range from washing the car to writing a letter to a friend.
    • Custom - personalized touch on all 40 sticks

    • Glass mason jar not sold with sticks

    We are excited to get this product out to you to share with your family and friends! Not Sold? Look here for more inspiration.